Transformation Studies

Transformation StudiesTransformation Studies

Min Choi, Transformation Studies, 2001. Self-published at Yale University. Digital print, 533 × 711 mm each. Eighty-five different symbols were blended with a circle in Illustrator, resulting in yet another set of eighty-five different symbols. All of these elements were overlapped to create another complex form.

These posters are a result of a class project, taught by Allen Hori, focused on methods of transformation. The first stage of the project involved creating many graphic symbols for an animal – rhinoceros, in Min’s case – according to meaningful associations. The graphic marks would be transformed variously in the next stages. Eventually, Min auto-blended each of his eighty-five symbols created so far with the same circle in Adobe Illustrator, producing a set of broken drawings. These were overlapped to a highly complex form in the final transformation. Below are the details.

Transformation Studies Transformation Studies