Sulki and Min, Explained, Korean and English editions, Suwon: Specter Press, 2017. Offset printing, sewn paperback binding, page size 105 x 150 mm, 160 pp. Printed and bound by Top Process. Exhibited in Sulki and Min: Perigee 060421–170513, Perigee Gallery, 9 March–13 May 2017.

Explained presents verbal-only explanations of more than 200 projects from the career of graphic designers Sulki and Min. If a work of art is not to be explained but to be experienced, then this book proposes a reversal of the adage: if we don’t need an explanation in order to appreciate a work, can we appreciate the explanation without the work?

English edition
ISBN 978-89-93061-41-3 93600
12,000 won

Korean edition
ISBN 978-89-93061-40-6 93600
Out of print