Future Art

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Hyun-Suk Seo and Seong Hee Kim, Future Art, Seoul: Workroom Specter, 2016. Offset lithography, cut and glued to cover, page size 112 x 180 mm, 624 pp. Front cover features a photograph provided by Festival Bo:m.

This book discusses major works of performing arts (by international array of artists) played in Korea since the 1990s. Addressing issues such as theater, dance, body, language, stage, reality and the audience, the authors attempt to ask questions about the art of the future – or art as future. The text-free front cover features a poetry-reading humanoid robot in Oriza Hirata’s play Sayonara (2010). The surreal portrait is printed on the paper that is almost too thin for a book cover, and the fragile feeling is counterbalanced by the bold interior typography.