Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice Day

Choi Sulki and Jean Servaas, Have a Nice Day (New Haven, 2003). Self-published as an MFA thesis project at Yale University School of Art.

Proposal for a design intervention in the densely populated commercial section of New Jersey’s Route 22. Upon first glance, the strip seems completely devoid of local personality, yet, at the same time, quintessentially American in its crassness – the perfect environment in which to explore the sources of production and the destinations of consumption.

Because every interaction on Route 22 is financially driven, the exchange of money for goods and services offers a clear opportunity for the integration of a more meaningful exchange. This project proposes to use the receipt as a medium to expose the harsh conditions of the workers who produce a large percentage of the products that fill our homes. When a customer makes a purchase, their receipt would also include information concerning the workers who assembled the products (e.g. salaries, nationalities, work hours per week, etc.). By using rational and objective language to illustrate an emotionally charged topic, the project at once compliments the form of the receipt, while allowing customers to see far more deeply into the transaction.

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Have a Nice DayHave a Nice DayHave a Nice Day