KPS Photo Exhibition

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Brochure for KPS Photo Exhibition: Donghee Koo / MeeNa Park / Sasa [44] (Mapo Gallery, Seoul, 2016). Offset printing, collated and folded, page size 210 x 297 mm, 16 pp. Featured photos courtesy of the artists.

The “KPS” in the title of the show stands for the artists’ family names. There is something knowingly outlandish in the title — with the old-fashioned addition “photo exhibition” — as well as the choice of venue (an exhibition space of a community center, frequented by amateur artists and hobbyists), and the front page typography attempts to capture this spirit. The booklet is left unbound, and the pages are arranged in a way that each loose sheet contains the work of a single artist. Effectively, you have individual flyers collated as a brochure.