Notification Muzak

Notification Muzak (2016), commissioned for Dove Audio Video Festival and performed as part of the exhibition 7½: Cryptographic Imagination 4 — Sulki and Min, curated by Oh Sunyoung (Song Bok-eun Foundation, Seoul, 27 August–1 October 2016). Real-time, real-life sound performance.

On 1 October 2016, for the six hours from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., we left our mobile phones where our 7½ exhibition was taking place. With all the notifications turned on, the two iPhones created a restless noise. Various alarms, alerts, messages, calls, and announcements — for applications ranging from Phone and Messages to Mail, News, Calendar, Reminders, Twitter, and Facebook — generated a kind of operational Muzak. The sound, devoid of meaning and hope, filled the space like a ghost. Without any predetermined scores, the Muzak was composed and played by the people and, for a large part, the machines that desperately wanted our attention.

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