Ob.scene 4

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Ob.scene, no. 4, edited by Seo Hyun-Suk (Seoul: Specter Press, 2015). Offset printing, sewn paperback binding, page size 120 x 182 mm, 304 pp.

Ob.scene is a performing arts journal focused on the “things out of the stage.” The blank front cover is continued from the first issue as a unifying element. Ob.scene no. 4 was conceived with the theme of “walking in the city.” The issue is solely composed of quotes from other sources. From Benjamin to K-pop songs, from Yi Sang to a Naver webtoon, the fragments of the borrowed texts and images pass by, intermingle, and clash with one another—just like pedestrians in the city.

ISSN 2234-5108
Text in Korean
Out of print

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The elements on each spread are randomly rotated, providing an experience similar to walking with a compass (or a smartphone map application). The front cover flap opens to reveal a map of Montevideo, Uruguay: the closest city to the direct opposite of Seoul on the globe.