Sasa[44] Annual Report (2006–)2015

Sasa_Annual-report-2015_package-1-copy Sasa_Annual-report-2015_package-2

Sasa[44] Annual Report (2006–)2015, Specter Press, 2016. Audio CD, package size 130 x 130 x 4 mm.

Featuring: Kim Taeryung, Kim Chang Han, Park Manu, Park MeeNa, Choi Sung Min, Na Kim, Choi Sulki, Park Gahee, Hyun Seewon, and An Inyong.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Sasa[44] Annual Report, ten of his friends took turns reading the past annual statements.

ISBN 978-89-93061-39-0 95600
Edition of 444
10,000 won