Sasa [44] Annual Report 2016

Sasa [44] Annual Report 2016 (Suwon: Specter Press, 2017). 8 postcards, offset printing, 105 x 150 mm each, printed on both sides.

How many bowls of seoulleoungtang and jajangmyeon Sasa [44] consumed in 2016, how many movies he saw, how many books he bought, how many transit card transactions and outgoing mobile calls he made, how many studio attendance records he got, and how many people in line he had before him in the year, this report does not readily tell you. For the first time in the series, Sasa [44] Annual Report 2016 is published as a set of postcards. And not for the first time in the series, it failed to obtain an ISBN:

“This is to notify that your application for ISBN has been rejected. By regulation, the Agency does not assign ISBNs to personal documents or transient ephemera such as housekeeping books, journals, diaries or records. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Text in English and Korean
Edition of 300
8,000 won

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