The flag of Anyang

Horizontal flag

The flag of Anyang, 20/10/07–18/11/07, 2007. Commissioned for Anyang Public Art Project 2007, an outdoor exhibition directed by Sung Won Kim and shown around the Pyeongchon New Town, Anyang, 18 October–20 November 2007. Digital print on fabric, dimensions variable.

This temporary flag of Anyang was made to replace the city’s official flag at certain places – streets from the Indeokwon Intersection to various spots in Pyeongchon area – for the period of Anyang Public Art Project 2007. A flag often expresses ideals or visions of the organization that it represents. Our temporary flag, on the contrary, is based on fact – it is a chart that shows how the city’s land is used for different purposes. As a fundamental for human community, land has traditionally played a significant part in shaping and representing national or regional identities. The flag of Anyang, 20/10/07–18/11/07 clears of any mythic notions attached to the land, and reduces its meaning to utilitarian values.

Vertical flag

Installation view