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The Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht and the City of Leuven have started a collaboration project on the development of a cultural communication plan for Leuven, a university city to the east of Brussels, in Belgium. Under supervision of the advising researchers Armand Mevis and Linda van Deursen, a team of researchers of the Design department at the Jan van Eyck– Kasper Andreassen, Julia Born, Min Choi, Sulki Choi, Alon Levin and Anne-Sofie Thomsen – and the cultural communication service of Leuven will critically investigate Leuven’s contemporary cultural identity. What image does Leuven invoke in a communications context? How are cultural communications progressing? How can they be improved? What is Leuven’s cultural image today? What can be changed and what should the approach to such change be?
The result envisaged will form an operational system for cultural communication. But the path towards this system is of greater importance. Questions relating to the instruments of cultural communication, such as the establishment of a database, can also arise during the research process. The entire trajectory, from analysis to the presentation of the issue and its solution, will be published.
Tuesday 23 September 2003 A first meeting
Tuesday 25 November 2003 Age-old Leuven alive and kicking
Tuesday 2 December 2003 Iconopolis
Monday 22 March 2004 Uses of geographical Indications
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