Medium: digital printing

dinausaur-4-front-s Publishing-as-Method-poster-print-ASJC List of Works: 1,056 Hours List of Works: Perigee, 2017 maybe_840x1188 maybe_400x700 7-1-2_posters Crow’s Eye View: Banners Functional Typography on a Braun Multiquick 3 Hand Blender Before/After: Posters Revisionism Tristano BMW Guggenheim Lab Mumbai: Signage banner_landscape1_PRINT Seung Woo Back: On-Site Banner Seung Woo Back: On-Site PostersSeung Woo Back: On-Site Posters E-flux Journal, back cover I Miss Sonia Henie Poster Festival_Bom_2010_poster_3A New_Work-s The Lieteral Arbitrary Selection 2007 History Lesson, installation view Seoul Apartments Welcome to Fusedspace Database JvE at Nijhof & Lee Monospaced Font Test Patterns Yale Art Undergraduate Comprehensive Exhibition: Poster Yale Art Undergraduate Comprehensive Exhibition: Invitation