Medium: offset lithography and saddle stitching

Obscene-2023-program-cover-1 Obscene-Festival-2022-program-spreads-1 Sasa-Annual-Report-Rehab-2021-outlined-1 MMCA Performing Arts 2018 Asia Focus: Brochure Films without Borders: Brochure A Tale of Two Cities: Poster/Brochure avp-journal-pre-cover-final-1 ob-scene-6-animated Seoul-Biennale_Brochure_2016-05-1 ACCT_You-Mi_program_cover ACCT-BookWhale-EN1-cover-1 ACCT-BookWhale-EN1-cover-1 ACCT-BookWhale-EN1-cover-1 Asian Arts Theatre: 2015 Brochure Gwangju Biennale 2014 Graphic Identity: Graphic 32 Dimensions Variable, case off-white-1 MeeNa Park: Grey and 12 Participatory City, slipcase Takashi in Superflat Wonderland: Brochure Sasa[44] Annual Report 2012 Urban Trends Festival Bo:m 2013: Program Festival Bo:m 2013: Leaflet Good Labor Bad Art: Brochure (Im)Possible Landscape, booklet Double, booklet Festival Bo:m 2012, program Bae Young-Whan, booklet My Way: Brochure BMW Guggenheim Lab: Venice Biennale Press Event Cabbage Thoughts, invitation, front Cabbage Thoughts, program, front The Power of Color, booklet Platform Seoul 2008: Guidebook Memento Mori: Brochure Festival Bo:m 2008: Program Festival Bo:m 2008: Promotional Materials Tongue, Liberated!: Brochure Na-hoon Park Chinese Box Home Sweet Home Charge Your Imagination, booklet Bubbles, program Springwave, program Springwave, guidebook Show Show Show Modafe 2005: Program