Type of work: unapplied art

August 2021 Grayscale Grayscale 1,056 Hours List of Works: 1,056 Hours Very Very Statistical Pattern 1 Statistical Pattern 2 Background Image 공룡, 제3판 Dinosaur, 3rd Edition The Book of Chances, 4th Edition Time Out 1961–2020 SMSM10 List of Works: Perigee, 2017 professionalism obscene-5-page-4 maybe_840x1188 maybe_400x700 list-of-exhibits_seven-and-a-half-2016 gray-all concept-drawing-1-web these-wont-melt-small another-moon-small-animated united-notions materials_1b Jeongho-Choi A School Motto Being Tschichold Untitled-1-5 (Technical Drawing) Functional Typography on a Braun Multiquick 3 Hand Blender Mind Stream CSAT 1997 Revisionism Decorative Information The Sky, the Earth and the Human Exercise in Modern Construction: To the Office Recurring 1 & 2 Exercise in Modern Construction: Plateau The Book of Chances, Revised Edition Savina Screens Ideal Dining Table for the Designer Mr. K Exercise in Modern Construction, Part 6 Welcome to Korea: Welcome To-day I Miss Sonia Henie Poster Pedestrian Crossing WC The Future Sony 3-249-676-33 Sanyo MAJ-R100 Space Hamilton 1F 26/28.1 In Numerical Order Really? Installation view, photo by Myoung-Rae Park Screens The Lieteral Arbitrary Selection 2007 Matta-Clark T-shirt Statistic Patterns Learn Korean History Lesson, installation view Graphic Design in the White Cube Sulki & Min: Factory 060421–060513 Functional Typography nature.gif / nature.jpg Welcome to Fusedspace Database Flyer to Fly Monospaced Font Test Patterns Specter, no. 3 Specter, no. 2 Specter, no. 1