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Program leaflet 1 연계 행사 안내 리플릿 2 Films without Borders: Brochure Blast Theory: Catalog Time Mechanics: Catalog List of Works: Perigee, 2017 kps-1 Cryptographic-poster-1 Kittler_cover-front Ronell_cover_front MeeNa Park: 24 & 36 Grays Time Mechanics: Poster Time Mechanics: Invitation Time Mechanics: Advertising Mosse_front Mass Studies: Identity, 2015 Gwangju Biennale 2014 Graphic Identity: Graphic 32 Before/After: catalog Before/After: Brochure Before/After: Posters Before/After: Advertising Mind Stream Dimensions Variable, case Fanon_front Retromania Gwangju Biennale 2014: Identity Gwangju Biennale 2014: Posters Geertz_front DT3 Certeau_front Un homme qui dort, jacket front Takashi in Superflat Wonderland: Brochure The Transformer Elias_front History_cover gadamer_1-front La Vie mode d'emploi Home within Home Countdown: Catalog Un cabinet d’amateur Ob.scene, no.1, front cover godlier_cover-1 How to Expand Ego Like an Artist Chung Guyon Nobody Reads Pictures Seung Woo Back: On-Site Banner Seung Woo Back: On-Site PostersSeung Woo Back: On-Site Posters Paul Renner This Is Not Art Two Faces: Book Do Ho Suh: Nidana