Her Name Is: Catalogue

Oh Sunyoung, ed., Her Name Is, exhibition catalogue, Gwangju: Asia Culture Center, 2019. Offset printing, paperback, page size 125 x 180 mm, 232 pp. Printed and bound by Top Process.

Her Name Is told a story of Bangladeshi women’s historical struggles for democracy, human rights, and peace. The graphic identity is centered around the blanks following the titles, visually substituting ellipses. The torn-paper edges of the rectangles suggest the nature of the exhibition, which was largely drawn from the archive of the Bangladesh Liberation War Museum. A map of East Asia illustrates the geographic context of the show, and is positioned in a way that allows the two countries — the show’s subject and its host — to fall in the blanks.

On the cover of this publication, the graphic is reversed, making the blanks also look like documents. Inside, a typewriter type combination is used throughout, reinforcing the documentary quality.