Set Piece: Catalogue

Chung Hyun, ed., Set Piece, exhibition catalogue, Superellipse, 2019. Offset printing, saddle stitching with cover, page size 210 x 297 mm, 40 pp. Printed and bound by Top Process. Photography by Kim Kyoungtae.

The sequencing of the images was determined by the booklet’s folding structure: the installation views are dispersed in a way that each double-spread image is printed on a physically continuous surface. Page 5 and 36 of the booklet, for example, are separated in sequence, but contiguous as a physical printing surface, and it carries a single picture; so do page 10 and 31, 16 and 25, and the “true spread,” 20 and 21. The other, staged photographs are interspersed between them. The whole picture section is bookended by text pages printed on uncoated paper, and finally by the texture-embossed cover.