Tongue, Liberated: Catalogue

Tongue, Liberated!: CatalogueTongue, Liberated!: CatalogueTongue, Liberated!: CatalogueTongue, Liberated!: Catalogue

Kim Heejin, ed., Tongue, Liberated!, exhibition catalogue, Insa Art Space, 2007. Offset printing, paperback binding, page size 188 x 180 mm, 120 pp.

The exhibition was about the the “speech act,” and the silver circles printed on the right-hand pages represent the voice of Vicki, one of many machine voice personas provided by the Mac OS. Vicki usually introduces herself by remarking, “Isn’t it nice to have a computer that will talk to you?” The circles were derived from a sound waveform of the phrase as it is uttered by Vicki. (Imagine that the pages are arranged along the same time axis used by the waveform; the height of the ave at a given moment is translated into the diameter of the circle on the corresponding page.) In other words, the catalogue is also a “recording” of a voice: it should be possible, theoretically, to re-play the speech by converting the circles back into a waveform.