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The Flag of Anyang

Horizontal flag

  • The Flag of Anyang, 20/10/07–18/11/07 (2007). Produced as a contribution to Anyang Public Art Project 2007 (various sites in the city, 18 October–20 November 2007). Digital printing on fabric, dimensions variable.
  • The Flag of Anyang, 20/10/07–18/11/07 was proposed as a temporary flag of Anyang, the one to replace the existing official flag during the period of APAP 2007. A flag often expresses the ideal or “vision” of the represented city or country. Our temporary flag, on the contrary, is based on a true story: it is, in fact, an abstract map of Anyang. It displays the ratio of land use of the city in a diagrammatic manner. The land as a fundamental for a human community has traditionally played a significant role in shaping and representing national or regional identities. The Flag of Anyang, 20/10/07–18/11/07 clears of any mythic notions attached to the land, and reduce it to verifiable numbers.
  • During the APAP 2007, The Flag of Anyang, 20/10/07–18/11/07 fluttered—sometimes alone, sometimes along with theofficial banners of the APAP 2007—on the streets of Anyang from the Indeokwon Intersection to various spots in Pyeongchon area.

Vertical flagInstallation view


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