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Our Spot: Tokyo

  • Sasa [44], Our Spot: Tokyo (Seoul: Specter Press, 2010). Saddle-stitched with cover, 257 x 364 mm, 72 pp.
  • This publication is a part of Sasa [44]’s ongoing project Our Spot, which involves traveling to different cities following other people’s instructions: “Sasa [44] from Seoul traveled to Tokyo in February 2009 to spend a few days following instructions given by his friend MeeNa Park as closely as possible.”
  • The format is B4, one of the Japanese paper standards. The title and chapter headings were set in the same typeface, Annlie, and style as the title of Sans Soleil, a 1983 film by Chris Marker. The text was set in Union, a typeface designed by Radim Pesko to unify Helvetica and its most ubiquitous imitation, Arial. See also Sasa [44]’s Our Spot: New York.


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