Made in North Korea

Dirk Fleischmann, Made in North Korea, Specter Press, 2010. Shirt in a cardboard box with a newspaper. Box: offset printing, 240 x 360 x 20 mm; newspaper: offset printing, unbound, page size 350 x 470 mm, 16 pp. Printed by Top Process.

“This artist book comes with a shirt which was manufactured at the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea. The Kaesong Industrial Complex is an inter-Korean joint venture, where South Korean companies have been able to operate inside North Korea, and employ North Korean workers. It is an unique example of how business is politically granted the privilege of crossing borders that would otherwise be impassable. This book includes a collection of more than one thousand newspaper articles about the Kaesong Industrial Complex which were published during the period of the production of the garments: from March until June, 2010. The news coverage provides a wide range of perspectives on the Kaesong Industrial Complex. At the time, the density of articles was at a peak due to an inter-Korean crisis. This situation led to more severe restrictions in the ties and communication channels between the two governments. The Kaesong Industrial Complex is an often-mentioned subject during these controversies because of the economic and political role it plays in the relationship between both Koreas as an effort towards reconciliation.” — Dirk Fleischmann

ISBN 978-89-93061-21-5 98600
Text in English and Korean
Edition of 500
250,000 won

Photos © Dirk Fleischmann