MeeNa Park: Drawings A–Z

MeeNa Park: Drawings A–Z, Specter Press, 2012. Published in conjunction with the exhibition MeeNa Park: Drawings 1998–2012, Doosan Gallery. Offset printing, sewn hardback binding, page size 225 x 300 mm, 304 pp. Printed and bound by Top Process.

With an essay by Hyun Seewon.

ISBN 978-89-93061-31-4 93650
Text in English and Korean
Edition of 400
60,000 won

In this retrospective volume of Park MeeNa’s drawings, the same body of work is represented four times: first, the entire set of over 300 drawings is reproduced as small thumbnails; in the second round, about half of them appear at 33% of the original size; next, about a quarter are shown at 66%; finally, an even smaller selection is presented in the real size.

The selections were made mechanically: for each round of presentation, images were sampled at an equal interval from the same array of drawings, sorted in alphabetical order — hence the title. We wanted the selections to be completely objective, independent of any of the artist’s original intentions. The titles of the drawings were used as a key because she had never consciously planned them in advance — they had been grouped chronologically or thematically, but never alphabetically. The resulting selections are rational, yet ultimately arbitrary, depending on a chance element.