Our spot: Tokyo

Sasa [44], Our spot: Tokyo, Seoul: Specter Press, 2010. Offset lithography, saddle-stitched with cover, page size 257 x 364 mm, 72 pp. Pages shown here contain photographs by Sasa [44] and Sang-tae Kim.

This publication is a part of Sasa [44]’s ongoing project Our spot, which involves traveling to different cities following other people’s instructions: “Sasa [44] from Seoul traveled to Tokyo in February 2009 to spend a few days following instructions given by his friend MeeNa Park as closely as possible.”

The format is B4, one of the Japanese paper standards. The title and chapter headings were set in the same typeface, Annlie, and style as the title of Sans soleil, a 1983 film by Chris Marker. The text was set in Union, a typeface designed by Radim Pesko to unify Helvetica and its most ubiquitous imitation, Arial. See also Sasa [44]’s Our spot: New York.