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Sasa [44], Show Show Show: “The Show Must Go On” Recycled (Yongin: Specter Press, 2006). With an essay by Lim Geun-jun. Offset printing, saddle-stitching, slipcase, page size 148 x 210 mm, 64 pp.

This book documents Sasa [44]’s performance at the KCAF Arts Theater, Seoul: a “translation” of Jérôme Bel’s The Show Must Go On. While following the original choreography as strictly as possible, Sasa [44] replaced the songs used as prompts with comparable Korean songs, and invited his friends to the stage as performers.

The book is bilingual: the Korean runs on versos, and the English translation is placed upside-down on rectos—or the other way around, depending on which version of the text you choose to read. The arrangement of the images also follows a similar structure: still images from a video recording of the actual performance are placed against the photographs of a rehearsal running on the opposite pages.

ISBN 978-89-957810-2-9 97600
Text in English and Korean
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