Lee Duegyoung: Teheran

Lee Duegyoung: Teheran (Seoul: Specter Press, 2009), published in conjunction with the artist’s exhibition of the same name (Gallery D+, Korea Design Foundation, Seoul, 2009), with an essay by Park Haecheon. Offset printing, collated and folded, page size 210 x 268 mm, 24 pp.

Photographer Lee Duegyoung methodically documents urban spaces, and for this exhibition he took a series of aerial photographs of Teheran Street in Seoul, and combined them into a very long, continuous panoramic image. In this catalogue, the image is divided into six parts, each of which is printed over a spread, with the introductory essay and other information printed on the reverse spread. The book is left unbound, so the reader can rearrange the leaves to make a miniature of the work.

ISBN 978-89-93061-16-1 93660
Text in English and Korean
Out of print