Untitled greetings

Installation view

Untitled greetings, lamp post banners, 2010. Commissioned for Works in the open air, an outdoor exhibition at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, 9 July–31 October 2010. Digital print on fabric, 60 x 180 cm each, 20 pieces.

Institutionalized and administered spaces – the ubiquitous theme parks. Their experience usually starts with the greeting message “welcome” and ends with “good bye.” Conventional expressions devoid of specific meaning, they nevertheless mark the boundary of a space clearly. What would happen if the two greetings are uttered simultaneously, so the space in between disappears? A space where one is welcomed and expected to leave at the same time? Especially in the “multicultural” Ansan, where many foreign workers reside, the disappearance would fell more accurate. There the space has been replaced by the ever-expanding border, and one is always anxious of falling into one side: either “welcome” or “good bye.” And we realize the condition is not restricted to Ansan: it’s everywhere.