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Choi Jeongho


AG Super Black Gothic type specimen poster, 2015. Offset printing, 600 x 900 mm.

Exhibited in Hangul Designer Choi Jeongho, organized by AG Typography Institute and presented at Ahn Graphics Gallery 16-si, Paju, 9 October–8 November 2015. Included in the collection of Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Each participant in the exhibition was asked to design a specimen poster for one of the two typefaces being developed at the AG Typography Institute, based on Choi Jeongho’s original drawings. The organizers also gave us some quotations attributed to him: we were asked to choose one of them and use it in the poster.

We loved the typefaces but didn’t like the quotations very much. We chose one particularly unpleasant one, which begins with (translated): “Young people these days….” It goes on to suggest how the impatient younger designers are unfit for such a demanding job as type design, which requires commitment and craftsmanship. We wanted to change parts of the text to invert the meaning, but the working font they gave us to use only contained just enough glyphs to set the chosen text, and the changed parts wouldn’t be displayed properly.