Exercise in Modern Construction, Part 6

    Exercise in Modern Construction, Part 6, Affected by Exercise in Modern Construction, Part 5, Affected by Pritt PaintBall Classic Colour Set

  • book
  • 2012
  • offset lithography
  • 297 x 396 mm, 24 pp

Our works in the exhibition Bond the Moment, including this one, are a study of yet-to-be-found formal structures, chance affections, and recursive relations. The starting point was an accidental discovery that the concrete tie rod holes on the walls of the exhibition space match in diameter the cap of a Pritt PaintBall Classic Colour marker. The forms were achieved by a questionable mathematical algorithm involving the suspected product identification numbers on the PaintBall products, which related the colors and dimensions derived from the PaintBall to the existing conditions of the gallery space – the number of the concrete tie rod holes and coordinates, screws on a wall inherited from some previous exhibitions. The four pieces in the show are systematically linked together by the alternatively absent and present elements, thereby affecting each other’s respective outcomes.

ISBN 978-89-93061-29-1 93600
Edition: 200
20,000 won

Photo: Kim Kyoungtae

Exercise in Modern Construction: To the Office

Exercise in Modern Construction: Plateau