Custom typeface for Print “Trash” special issue (2012).

It is an eco-friendly version of Galaxie Polaris – one of the standard typefaces of Print, designed by Chester Jenkins. Borrowing the idea of Ecofont (developed in 2009 by the Dutch company Spranq), we designed Galaxie Ecosmic to employ tiny, ink-saving holes in the characters – except, in this case, the holes take the form of excerpts from Carl Sagan’s classic 1980 science book, Cosmos. The embedded quotations are set in Comic Sans, the polar opposite of the neutral Galaxie Polaris and the ultimate “trashy” font, according to many designers. Hence the name Ecosmic – a somewhat ironic celebration of both the noble intention of Ecofont and the incredibly optimistic, almost kitschy words of Sagan. After all, the cosmos is much bigger than the galaxy, not to mention our own ecosystem. If these tiny holes can help save this tiny planet, then why not also let them carry infinitely big ideas? (Special section introduction, Print, August 2012)