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Mind Stream

Mind Stream, 2014. Commissioned by Nam Hwayeon as part of her installation of the same name. Offset printing, 420 x 594 mm, printed in the edition of 10 by Top Process. Exhibited in The Decisive Moments, curated by Kim Haeju and presented at Arko Arts Archive, 2014.

Nam Hwayeon’s Mind Stream is an attempt to imagine a performance piece by Choi Seung-hee, which is presumed to have been performed in 1935 under the title of Youth or Mind Stream. The only remaining records of the work are two photographs and a short published review. Based on these scarce documents, Nam reconstructed the choreography and presented it with her own notations.

The poster ambiguously juxtaposes a fictitious advertisement for the original 1935 event and an actual announcement for Nam Hwayeon’s 2014 reworking. Information about Nam’s version is overprinted on that of the original, barely revealing the haunting image of Choi Seung-hee underneath.