Notes on This Website

Designed and implemented by ourselves, this website is forever in revision — in plain view, not behind a temporary facade, so you can see the changes in real-time. In fact, we might be making some changes right at the moment.

Due to the nature of our work, many images published here contain reproductions of other people’s work (as illustrations in the books we designed, for example). The original authors of the reproduced works are not explicitly stated, although many of them may be inferred from accompanying descriptions. If you have questions about any of those “works within works,” please contact us.

The pages on this website refer to many names, including titles of work. Some of them appeared either in Korean or English only. We have translated all the titles for readability. We used to distinguish them from original titles by square brackets. But we began to feel that no one really care too much about the distinction. So we have decided to scrap it, but it will take time to impose the new policy to all the published pages, and for the time being, you will still see the odd brackets here and there. Please bear with us.

Except mentioned otherwise, the place (of publication, exposition, or institution) is Seoul, South Korea.

— Sulki and Min, 2019