The Office for Archival Reproduction (OAR) at Insa Art Space (IAS) is a temporary office responsible for documenting how the IAS Archive is used during the period from 24 May to 2 July 2006. The central activity of OAR is to collect photo-copied pages of the Archive’s materials, made by its visitors, staff, or any other users. The collected copies will be organized into a book afterwards as a record of the IAS Archive’s life: without any central planning, it’s going to be an almost random archive of the Archive itself.

Although the OAR is physically inhabiting the IAS, it’s not part of its official organization: the office has no employees, and its operation is completely reliant on visitors’—your—participation. We encourage you to freely browse the Archive, find materials that interest you, or the ones for any reason you think worth highlighting, then duplicate and contribute the pages to OAR. Your participation will be greatly appreciated by the nonexistent OAR staff, as well as the real, existent IAS community.

How to participate:
1. Browse the IAS Archive and select materials to duplicate.
2. Make duplications using the photocopier at OAR (make as many as you want).
3. The copier has specially prepared sheets in its tray; if you want plain paper, please ask the archive staff.
4. File the copies in the binder on the desk.
5. That’s it. Thank you for your participation.

(Instructions for visitors, displayed along with the work in the exhibition)