As the title implies, 1/4 is the first of the four-issue-only journal published by Kunsthuis SYB from a small Dutch village called Beetsterzwaag. The theme of the issue is “orientation,” a reflection on the isolated location of the Kunsthuis itself. The format was given, as were the content and the length. But we were also requested to contribute any additional content, whether it be text or imagery.

We decided to take the great distance between us in Korea and Kunsthuis as a starting point. We asked the editors to describe their location, the building, and its neighborhood. Then we photographed places in and around Seoul that appeared to match the descriptions. Like an image with a caption, each of the pictures is juxtaposed on the page with the related description, translating the geographic distance between us and them into a conceptual distance between the text and the image. (For example, under the text “[T]here are two windows on the façade of Kunsthuis SYB: the main entrance is on the left,” there is a picture of a humble makeshift structure found in Gyeonggi-do that has two windows and a door on the left.) The combinations are placed upside-down on the pages and are dispersed throughout the issue, reinforcing the sense of disorientation.