Specter Workroom

  • book
  • 2023
  • 212 x 262 mm, 64 pp

Specter Workroom, a building located at 25 Jahamunro 19-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, was designed by Samuso Hyojadong Architects & Associates and constructed by Design Jeongin Plus, from September 2021 until its completion in June 2022. Its current residents are: ­Workroom, a graphic design studio; Workroom Press, a publisher; Sulki and Min, graphic designers; Yang-Jang, type designers; and the Book Society, a bookstore and project space.

「Specter Workroom」, a photo series created by Jung Jihyun, a photographer who traces changes in urban spaces in the context of the development, generation, or demise of built environments, is a record of Jung’s firsthand observations and documentation of its construction site.

『Specter Workroom』 is a book that documents through 「Specter Workroom」 certain aspects of Specter Workroom’s formation.