Created to accompany our ground graphic work 「Here/There」 – and partly responding to its limited accessibility – 「There/Here」 focuses on the dual identity of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), which is not here nor there. This video overlays two contrasting images of the DMZ: one experienced by humans under constraints and the other perceived by animals with freedom. Through the contrast, it implies a possibility of transforming the paradoxical space into a place that is here as well as there. Over the 12-minute duration, the virtual DMZ recollects its seventy-year history and seeks to extend into the future.


  • Noh Songhee

3D graphics

  • Noh Songhee
  • Cha Hyunjin


  • Noh Songhee
  • Noh Heesang


  • Ahn Dayoung

Map data sources

  • Google Earth
  • National Geographic Information Institute