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Tune is a multi-brand fashion store opened in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, 2023 by thisisneverthat’s JKND. The core of the identity is a bespoke typeface nicknamed Tunehead. The uppercase-only display type is a mixed bag of heterogeneous sans-serif letterforms: some characters are purely geometric, while others show the traits of industrial grotesque types; some are narrow, others are full. This apparent incongruity is offset by the consistent thin spaces that appear within and between characters, and the subtle common details including clipped corners, which add warmth to the overall appearance.

For packaging items such as carrier bags and shipping boxes, we employed randomly generated character strings instead of usual advertising slogans to emphasize the the store’s open-ended and mysterious nature.

tune-bag-l-1tune-bag-l-2tune-bag-m-1tune-bag-s-1tune-bag-s-2 tune-bag-xl-1 tune-bag-xl-2 tune-box-l-1 tune-box-l-2 tune-box-m-1 tune-box-m-2 tune-box-s-1 tune-box-s-2 tune-box-xl-1 tune-box-xl-2 tune-card-1tune-card-2 tune-env tune-tape