Works in the Open Air, invitation, front

Works in the Open Air, invitation, spread

The exhibition emphasized the transparency or porosity of the public space, and explored the roles art plays in redefining, disturbing, or interconnecting the private and the public. Interestingly, the official Korean title of the exhibition is quite different from its English one: it may be translated as “What happened in the theme park,” instead of the more descriptive Works in the Open Air. We thought about the modernist ideal of transparency, and how it eventually became fetishized and commercialized over the course of the last century (“theme park”). In the graphic identity, we incorporated several references to modernism: the geometric, constructed letterform of Josef Albers; and the human figures created by Gerd Arntz for the Isotype system of Otto and Marie Neurath in the late 1920s, whose forms are depicted here by dashed lines to suggest porosity.

Works in the Open Air: catalog

Works in the Open Air, leaflet

Works in the Open Air, poster