Sulki & Min
We’re working on our new website. Instead of promising a grand relaunch, we decided to keep the work in plain view. During the next few months, you’ll be able to see the changes taking place here: different themes, typographic styles and image treatments will be tried occasionally. It may happen very quickly. It may take a long time, and we might end up with something almost unchanged after all. In any case, you will see when it’s done that it’s done.
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Functional Typography

Functional Typography on a Christian Dior Fahrenheit Perfume PackageFunctional Typography on a Hegaon PurePlus Organic Orange Juice 245 mlFunctional Typography on a Crabtree & Evelyin Summer Hill Hydrating Body Mist Spray 100 ml BottleFunctional Typography on a Power Supply Adapter for Macintosh G3 PowerBookFunctional Typography on a Bic Mini Gas Lighter

Poster series, silk screen on uncoated paper, 840 x 1188 mm each, self-published, 2006. Blown-up and typographically interpreted details of product packages and other small prints.


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