True Love

True Love (2018), commissioned for the exhibition Seoul ♥ See You Tomorrow ♥ Pyeongyang, curated by Rhee Pooroni, Chris Ro, Kim Yunim (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, 17–26 September 2018). Single-channel video, 1 min 4 sec.

Each artist was asked to contribute a piece with the theme of “stories, concepts and future thoughts of the two cities, Seoul and Pyeongyang in 2030.” Our work, True Love, enumerates all the possible permutations of the four letters that make up the two Korean capitals’ names, imagining a new city with each combination. Following is a short description of the piece that we wrote for the exhibition brochure.

“True love is red. True love is blue. True love shines, in the darkness of #000000. True love waits, to be lost and found. True love lasts, for 64 frames. True love never changes, and it changes everything. True love is familiar, like it’s always been here. True love is strange, because it’s true. And true love is dangerous, because it’s love.”