Dinosaur, Indonesian Edition

Photos courtesy of 7½

Dinosaurus, 2018. Self-adhesive vinyl on the wall, five parts, 667 x 271 cm, 677 x 320 cm, 566 x 320 cm, 1,047 x 260 cm, and 719 x 260 cm. Exhibited in A Tale of Two Cities: Narrative Archive of Memories III, a 7½ project curated by Oh Sunyoung and presented at National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, 13–29 September 2018.

This is an Indonesian translation of El dinosaurio (1959) by Augusto Monterroso Bonilla, and the latest in an ongoing series in which each iteration presents a translation of the shortest novel in the world (originally “Cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí”) in the medium of public lettering. The first Korean edition (2017, Seoul) used a set of banners; the second Korean edition (2018, Gimhae) was published on inflatable signs; for this version, we adopted the huge, Kruger-like wall graphics for contrast with the briefest story.