The Literature Translation Institute of Korea supports translation and publication of Korean literature, cultivates professional translators, and fosters international exchanges and cooperation. This book commemorates its 25th anniversary. As the title indicates, the book catalogs 1,527 books published outside Korea with the support of LTI Korea. The catalog is accompanied by an essay about the translation of Korean literature and our own analysis of the book covers.

『1,527』 was made as an extension of the catalogs that the LTI Korea regularly published, but also designed to work as a modest monument for the efforts to translate Korean literature. Unlike the past catalogs, each title is given an entire page, resulting in a 1,595-page tome. The endpapers provide overviews of the publications by year and by language. The intro and outro pages carry specially commissioned photographs of major books by Kim Kyoungtae. The thick, colored page borders indicate the year of publication while creating a strata-like image on the book’s edges.