Brno Biennial is one of the rare and well-established biennials of graphic design, but the 29th edition of the Biennial has been canceled or postponed to an unknown date. The special feature of Idea, along with the associated exhibition, was conceived as a response to the apparent crisis, as an opportunity to create a “space to think about the future of the Brno Biennial and design biennials” in general. Each contributor was asked to propose a fictitious poster for the Brno Biennial 2020. Following is a commentary on our work:

In Korea, there are currently more than 16 major biennials. Big cities like Seoul, Gwangju, and Busan all have their own contemporary art biennials. We also have an architecture biennial, design biennial, craft biennial, and a calligraphy biennial. We even have a typography biennial! Many of them were, we suspect, initiated as property development and/or tourism projects. But organizing a large-scale exhibition every two years turned out to be such a commitment that some are now turning into “triennials.” This is happening in a country where there is a plan to build 186 new museums by 2023. But we’ll surely miss a graphic design biennial.

Published in

  • 『Idea』, no. 386 (2019)