Grafiker was a crowd-funding project initiated by Åland. They invited seven graphic designers to propose product ideas and organized a funding campaign to realize them. We proposed a “raincoat for sunny days,” a reworking of the jacket we made for the “signaling robots” of our 2011 piece, Bem-Vindo / Adeus / Bem-Vindo / Adeus. With the help of the streetwear company Used Future, we adapted the design for human wearing, using the same bitmap camouflage patterns that we made with MacPaint Infinite Fill Patterns. We wanted the wearer to “get up early, straighten up, line up, stay calm, smile, and successfully disappear while waiting for the rain.” Day In Day Out is the only Grafiker project that failed at raising sufficient funding.

  • Prototype:
  • Used Future, Seoul
  • Promotional video:
  • Milktea Studio, Seoul