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Earth Now

Earth Now, 2018. Digital printing on fabric, 10 pieces, 780 x 2,080 mm each. Exhibited in Elephant in the Room, a 7½ project curated by Oh Sunyoung and presented at Jakarta History Museum, 2–31 October 2018.

These flags depict a cacophonous landscape of the earth’s languages. The white-noise-like image collapses the words in 145 different languages that mean “now”: from the Spanish “ahora” to the Chinese “现在,” or from the Afrikaans “nou” to the Zulu “manje.” “Now”—the word and the idea—is interesting as it suggests the speaker’s intimate relation to her or his time, while the meaning is often vague outside a specific context. We think it captures something about how we occupy our history, concretely and indeterminably.

Photo courtesy of 7½