This series belongs to a larger thread of our work related to the notion of “infra-flat.” Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “infra-thin,” it suggests a sense of reversed depth created by the same force that has been flattening the world (for example, the obsession with instant communication and data collection mediated by ubiquitous connectivity) once it has crossed the total-flat threshold. Here, the actual exhibits work as diagrams or sample documents to help understand the concept of infra-flat.

The blurry images – amorphous as if seen from too close a distance – make a clear contrast with the crisp materiality of their supporting structures (such physical apparatuses as paper, frames or tables). The subtitles – Poster, Seoul, 2007 or Postcard, Berlin, 2010, for example – seem to convey some straightforward facts, but they don’t impart any useful information.

Grayscale Grayscale



Untitled-1-5 (Technical Drawing)