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Specter’s Workroom is Workroom Specter’s series of critical writings focused on material works of design and arts – to build a circuit for practice and discussion that fosters mutual development. Material: Language – Kim Nui Yeon and Jeon Yong Wan, Literary Works and Walks is the first volume from the series.

Editor Kim Nui Yeon and designer Jeon Yong Wan have created a body of work that shares its foundation, language, with literature and typography. Through their work with books as well as performances, however, the language often departs from printed pages and extends to become objects or human bodies that physically exist in space.

“It is common for an editor and a designer to work together as creative partners, but it is unusual that the result takes the form of a performance. Writing and typography do not just meet and naturally merge to encompass the dimensions of time, space, and the body.”

In conversations with the artists, this book discusses how literature, design, and art are intersecting with each other in Korea.

  • ISBN 979-11-89356-39-2 04600
  • ISBN 979-11-89356-38-5 (set)
  • Text in Korean and English
  • 15,000 won