Jinan Kang, Yeonwha Kong, Minjung Kim, Sungwan Kim, Kitae Bae, Yeasul Shin, Sulki and in, Jinyoung Shin, Woosup Sim, Min Oh, Sinsil Lee, Yanghee Lee, Youngwoo Lee, Taehun Lee, Taesoon Jang, Kwangjun Jung, Joseph Fungsang, June Moon Kyung Hahn, Yunkyung Hur, Chosun Hong,

  • poster
  • 2018
  • digital printing
  • 101 x 137 cm

The title of the performance lists out all the participants in the project, from the artist herself to the copy editor and the designers of the promotional materials. The poster is designed like an enlarged credit page, not only to reflect the idea behind the title, but also for the practical reason that it is hard to distinguish the title from the personnel without explicit labels. Since the performance is an investigation in the notion of improvisation, we took the chance and put visual emphases on all the o’s and m’s (the artist’s initials), to achieve an unplanned graphic configuration.