Year: 2010

Two Faces: Book Imageless Eric Perriard Welcome to Korea: Welcome To-day Do Ho Suh: Nidana Airan Kang 2006–2010 Media City Seoul 2010: Catalog Unter dem Motto Works in the Open Air: catalog Works in the Open Air, leaflet Works in the Open Air, poster E-flux Journal, back cover I Miss Sonia Henie Eye Trace, promotional materials Poster Pedestrian Crossing WC The Future Sony 3-249-676-33 Sanyo MAJ-R100 Space Hamilton 1F 26/28.1 In Numerical Order Really? This Is Not a Dream, poster, front This Is Not a Dream, program BCGKMRY BCGKMRY, invitation A Memo from the Korean Design History Death and Faith, catalog Mass Studies, identity Classic Multiples