These videos were made as a contribution to the 16th exhibition of the Korean Society of Typography, Vibrating Birds and Handwritten Letters. Like the medieval scribes working in a “pecia system,” each participant was assigned a sentence taken from a story of the same name – freshly written for the exhibition by the sci-fi writer Kim Cho-Yup – and asked to create a ten-second video using the text. The patchwork of the contributions, each made without knowledge of the context or the overall plot but with a leap of imagination, would result in a collective-unconscious “video-roman.” (As it turned out, this format perfectly resonated with the story’s themes such as time, identity, and memory.)

By exploiting a procedural loophole that involves the fact that we were two individuals, we successfully secured two sentences, instead of one, to work with: “What can you do?” and “Tap tap.” Without knowing where in the whole story they were from, we made two videos that mirror each other to create a symbolic “wormhole” that connects disparate points in the timeline. Each video shows a transition from one sentence to the other, with multiple effects mixed and overlaid onto each other.