This book documents Technical Problem, a collaborative performance work by Jeong Geumhyung, Jackson Hong, and Lee Chungwoo. Following the invitations of Lee Chungwoo, a critic who initiated the project, the designer-artist Jackson Hong selected various pieces of equipment as “props” for the choreographer and performer Jeong Geumhyung, who then performed an interplay with the objects onstage.

ISBN 978-89-93061-25-3 93600
Text in English and Korean
20,000 won


The book embodies a few “failures” in its own design and construction. There is, for example, no “cover” to this saddle-stitched booklet. To be more precise, the “cover” is folded in the middle of the interior, as if the entire booklet is physically reversed, inside-out. The text typeface, Gill Sans, has become a “broken script” here, with all the characters’ curves reduced to jagged straight lines.